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Test Ordering


Pet Owners:

VDI tests are available to veterinarians across the U.S. Please contact your vet if you would like to have one of these tests performed on your dog or cat.



Please contact us for more information on pricing and how to order.
Phone: 805-577-6742




Specimen Handling


All specimen shipments to VDI Laboratory require use of the VDI Shipper Kit w FedEx Sample Submission Kit pictured here. 

We utilize FedEx Overnight Express to ensure all specimens are handled with utmost care. But a large part in maintaining specimen integrity and delivering the highest quality result rests with our valued customers.

All instructions for the collection, handling and transport of the specimen(s) are listed on the outside lid of the Kit. Please take a moment to review them closely prior to drawing blood from the patient.

Should you wish to draw a patient prior to the arrival of the Kit, these instructions will help ensure proper sample collection and storage. Use a serum separator (SST) tube for the blood draw, centrifuge the collection tube within 45 minutes of draw, and transfer the serum to a standard plastic (red-top) tube with cap. FREEZE the specimen immediately and maintain frozen state until ready to ship. You do NOT need to thaw the specimen and transfer to the VDI specimen tube that is provided with the Kit. Instead, use the original plastic tube with frozen serum and follow the remaining instructions for submission to our laboratory.


For a printer-friendly version of the Sample Submission Kit 'instructions' please click>


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